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Get to know our artists at Cheeky Winx

Get to know our artists at Cheeky Winx

At Cheeky Winx, we pride ourselves on curating the most vibrant and funky gym towels, and behind each design lies a collaboration with some of the most remarkable artists. Let us introduce you to the creative minds behind some of our most dynamic designs.

Deb McNaughton: 

Deb embodies the essence of creativity. As an artist, mum, and devoted dog mum to her business mascot Brandy Pants, Deb infuses her work with boundless joy and vivacity. With an eye for color and a mission to illuminate the world through her art, Deb's original creations are a reflection of her heart, imagination, and life experiences. Drawing inspiration from the unconventional, her designs celebrate the beauty found in everyday oddities.

Fantasia X Deb McNaughton-Cheeky Winx-Best Selling-Gift Idea-Personalised-Cheeky Winx

Ina Art: 

Ina art is a mother-daughter duo. Joanne Farrant is a proud Gunditjmara and Kamilaroi woman. She is a Mother of six, wife and Grandmother. Joanne has always loved art, which began when she was a child. She watched her Uncle Bill Brunette, a well-respected artist and Jinaburra, Kabi Kabi Elder, sit around and create beautiful artwork. Joanne says he always welcomed her to sit down with him and paint, sharing his knowledge of art with her, which inspired Joanne to start painting. 

​​Karinda Farrant is a proud Mother of three beautiful babies. She is a Gunditjmara, Mutti Mutti, Barkindji and Kamilaroi woman. Her family recently lost their beloved Grandmother, Eunice Ina Wright, which is where the name Ina Art comes from. She was a loving, proud Grandmother and was loved by all. Karinda honours her grandmother in every piece of artwork she finishes. 

Grippy The Journey X Ina Art-Cheeky Winx-Best Selling-Gift Idea-Personalised-Cheeky Winx


Bigi Nagala (Sheri Skele): 

Sheri Skele is a proud Bidjara woman and a contemporary Aboriginal artist. Sheri shares her culture and experiences through her art and hopes for healing their history through her knowledge and story works. She began painting to connect with her culture and quickly realised that it was also an incredibly meditative and spiritual experience.

She is a mother to two daughters, Heart and Haven, who keep her grounded and very busy. Her husband and Sheri also own and operate a CrossFit gym! 

Land and Sea X Bigi Nagala-Cheeky Winx-Best Selling-Gift Idea-Personalised-Cheeky Winx


Merindah-Gunya, (Bayley Mifsud): 

Bayley Mifsud is a proud Peek Whurrong woman of the Maar nation, from south West Victoria (Warrnambool). Her Aboriginal name is Merindah-Gunya which means ‘Beautiful Spirit’ in Peek Whurrong language, chosen by her parents and Elders. She was born in Warrnambool and began doing Aboriginal art very young. 

Throughout the years, she continued to practice art and learnt through the guidance and encouragement from her Elders. She has always had a strong connection with creating stories using sacred symbols. 


Kasey Rainbow: 

Kasey Rainbow has always been an artist at heart, but with no formal training or qualifications, she believed her love of creating could only ever be a hobby. Things took a wonderful turn in 2017 when she discovered digital art! She taught herself through YouTube tutorials and continued to practice her incredible skills.

In 2020, she took the big leap and quit her 'safe and secure' job to pursue being an artist full-time. Since then, she has hit milestone after milestone, is always working with incredible brands and continues to create new and fun designs! 

We are so privileged to collaborate with the above artists! We are always on the lookout for our next collaboration, so if you create funky designs or would love to see us collaborate with your favourite artist- send an email to

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