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Cheeky Winx third birthday gym towel

Cheeky Winx turns three!

As Cheeky Winx blows out its third birthday candles, we can't help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the incredible support we've received over the past three years. With over 50,000 cherished customers and more than 150,000 of our signature Cheeky Winx products sold, the journey has been nothing short of exhilarating for this small business nestled in the heart of Brisbane.

In celebration of this milestone, let's take a glamorous stroll down memory lane, reflecting on our humble beginnings, monumental achievements, and the tantalising future that lies ahead. It all began with a moment of revelation amidst the hustle of the gym, as both myself and Joel found ourselves looking around and seeing how old and ugly everyone's gym towels were. Admittedly, we were guilty of using a tea towel ourselves. From this sprang forth the idea to revolutionise gym towels to make them cute, funky and actually useful by making sure they were odour free, ultra absorbent and quick drying – this then cued the birth of Cheeky Winx.

Kalinda and Joel launching Cheeky Winx

Months of meticulous research and material testing ensued, culminating in our grand debut in March 2021. With just eight daring designs and a modest initial order of 100 towels per design, we dipped our toes into the waters of entrepreneurship. To our delight, our towels flew off the shelves within the first month, prompting us to broaden our horizons. Soon, our collection expanded to encompass a wide range of designs, sizes, and we even ventured into the realm of beach towels and grip socks. As well as collaborating with multiple Australian artists, including the likes of Deb McNaughton, Kasey Rainbow, Ina Art, and Bigi Nagala

Cheeky Winx personalisation towels gift

But what truly set us apart was giving our customers the option to personalise our towels. After getting wild personalisation requests daily we thought why not start filming some behind the scenes which shortly after blew up on tiktok captivating viewers worldwide with multiple viral videos causing us to constantly sell out.

The path to success hasn't always been smooth sailing. We've encountered our fair share of challenges along the way, each one serving as a valuable lesson in the school of entrepreneurship. From costly mistakes to unforeseen hurdles, we've weathered the storm with grit and determination.

One of our most memorable ventures was our ambitious attempt to break into the US market. Underestimating the hefty marketing budget required, coupled with unforeseen warehouse issues overseas, led to some sleepless nights and tough decisions. Ultimately, we had to swallow our pride and send everything back, learning the hard way that sometimes not everything goes to plan.

Cheeky Winx america gym towel

But amidst the trials and tribulations, there have been moments of triumph and growth. From the spare bedroom of our townhouse which we soon outgrew forcing us to move into a bigger townhouse with a double garage which after a few years started bursting at the seams. We then made the exciting decision to move into a warehouse which only after 8 months we have already outgrown. 

We are celebrating three wonderful years of business but we feel like we’re just getting started! This year we are releasing new designs and products, and as always, keeping our community (you) at the centre of everything we do. Thank you for sharing so many laughs with us over the years. 

We love seeing all of the inspiring content you tag us in on social media! Seeing you all workout with our gym towels, hit pilates with our grip socks or have a relaxed day at the beach with our beach towels. We can’t wait to continue on this journey with you in 2024 and beyond!
Cheeky Winx gym towel

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