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How to stay motivated to exercise in winter

How to stay motivated to exercise in winter

Winter can be a challenging time to stay motivated to exercise, but it's important to find ways to keep moving, even when the weather is cold and the days are short. By staying active in winter you are building momentum for a fit spring and summer! Below are five reasons to find the motivation to train during winter and 5 ways to actually get you moving! 

Why you should still train when it's cold

One: Exercise Boost Your Mood

Exercise has been proven to release endorphins, which are natural mood lifters. During the winter months, when the lack of sunlight can lead to feelings of lethargy and even depression, regular exercise can help combat these effects. 

Two: Stay Healthy

The winter season often brings with it an increased risk of illness, as cold and flu viruses are more prevalent. Regular exercise can help boost your immune system, making it easier for your body to fight off these common sicknesses. By staying active during the winter, you can reduce your chances of getting sick and stay healthier overall!  

Three: Maintain Your Fitness and don't lose your progress

It's easy to let your fitness routine slide during the winter months, especially when the cold weather makes it less appealing to go outside for a run or bike ride. However, by finding the motivation to train during winter, you can maintain the fitness level you've worked hard to achieve. Consistency is key when it comes to fitness, and staying active during the winter will make it easier to get back into a regular routine when the weather warms up. 

Four: Enjoy Winter Sports

During the winter season in Australia, despite the absence of ski resorts and snow, there are ample opportunities to engage in sports and exercise that might be too hot to do during the rest of the year. For instance, it's the perfect time to enjoy a midday run on the weekend or take your dog for longer walks since the weather is not too hot for them! 

Five: Set Goals for Spring and Summer

By maintaining a regular training routine during winter, you can set yourself up for success when spring arrives. Whether you're a runner training for a spring race, a cyclist preparing for a long-distance ride, or just looking to improve your overall fitness, staying active during the winter can help you build a strong foundation for your future goals. 

How to find the motivation?

One: Get a workout buddy for accountability

Finding a workout buddy can provide the motivation and accountability you need to stick to your training routine, especially during the winter months. Having someone to exercise with can make workouts more enjoyable and can help keep you on track! If you can't find a workout buddy, group fitness gyms are also great for accounatbility! 

Two: Move your exercise inside

When the weather is cold and unpleasant, consider moving your workouts indoors! This can mean joining a gym, doing a pilates class or working out at  home! Finding ways to exercise indoors can make it easier to stay consistent with your training during the winter. 

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Three: Train in the afternoon

By scheduling your workouts for the afternoon, you can avoid the coldest part of the day and make it easier to find the motivation to train during winter! 

Four: Do high intensity exercise to get warmer faster 

Engaging in cardio exercises can help you warm up quickly, making it easier to get moving and stay active during the winter. Whether it's running, cycling, HIIT classes or using a cardio machine at the gym, incorporating cardio into your workouts can help keep you moving during the cold months! 

Five: Buy a cute new gym towel for motivation

Sometimes a little retail therapy can provide the motivation you need to stay committed to your training routine. Treating yourself to a cute new gym towel adds a fun and motivating element to your exercise routine, making it more enjoyable to train during the winter.We have over 30 gym towels for you to choose from to help kickstart your motivation this cold season! They are all odour free, sweat absorbent and come with a matching carry bag, you can check them out here.

By implementing these strategies, you can find the motivation to train during winter and continue to make progress toward your fitness goals! Whether it's finding a workout buddy, moving your exercise indoors, or treating yourself to new workout gear, there are plenty of ways to stay motivated and active during the colder months.
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