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Mini-Me Match: Adult and Children Beach Towels

Looking for your next matching present idea for Fathers day, Mothers day or just because you deserve it? At Cheeky Winx we have you sorted with our matching adults and kids beach towel range perfect for the families who love spending time at the beach or by the pool because what's cuter than seeing your little ones matching with you!

Sand Free Adult and Children Beach Towels Australia

But why beach towels? Well our beach towels aren't like your ordinary ones as we have a wide range of fun designs to choose from including dinosaurs, unicorns and donuts so you'll be sure to find one you and your mini me love! With these bright and funky beach towel designs it also makes it that much easier for your mini me to spot your position on the beach when they decide to go swimming in the water. 

Sand Free Adult and Children Beach Towels Australia

For the extra special touch you can even get the beach towels personalised with a name, nickname or something unique! For example getting Pappa Joe on the adult beach towel and Little Rascal on the kids beach towel. The perk of this is watching the kids get excited about using a towel which is specifically there's plus when they need to use it for swimming lessons at school they shouldn't accidentally misplace it.

They are also made out of a special blend of microfibre materials which allows the sand to easily fall off the towel. That way when your kids are doing zoomies and kicking sand everywhere all you need to do is gently give the towel a shake and the sand will fall straight off. Then when it's time to go home you don’t need to take the beach home with you which makes our sand free beach towels a popular choice for families with young children. Whereas traditional cotton towels can be a lot more difficult to deal with as once they get wet it's game over, the sand isn't coming out.

By matching your beach towels with your mini me it can be your special way to bond and be your new signature beach look and as they say while your kids are still young you need to embrace all the matchy-matchy you can get before they grow up!

Sand Free Adult and Children Beach Towels Australia

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